At The Casino

Chapter 1

“Finally, how long does it take honestly no one cares about your looks being a Secret Agent” said Mother Shilling, who pulled up beside her in the passenger seat of Penny’s car.  

“Cheers and good morning to you” mumbled Jemima

“Less of the sarcasm Bond. We need an agent of the top casino of London watched, we believe there is a guy up there and his smuggling and got a detonator”

“Look I like to be well done up James Bond always gets the ladies and I want the men, it’s the only way I can get them on my side”

So Jemima clumsily finishes off putting on her make up on, checks the time on her wifi watch and realises she looks like a panda she can never get liquid eyeliner right, so she quickly wipes it away and puts the keys in the ignition and drives off with Mother Shilling and Penny following.

At the Casino she can see people panicking and guess who decides to text “Mother” no not Shilling my biological one, DO I WANT TO COME FOR TEA LATER. “Can’t do anything now mother there is a lunatic on the loose” She tells herself out loud.

She goes in showing her ID and everyone moves out of the way. Her other phone rings thankfully on silent as she has left other one in the car, hopefully won’t get nicked being she was in London, near Knightsbridge.

It’s Penny “Here we are Bond, now he supposed to have a detonator so be careful okay and we’ll wait near entrance and park up?”

Name: Penny

Occupation: Agent/PA

Description: blonde hair, blue eyes and 5ft 4inches

“Yes, where is he?” Jemima asks Penny

“Not sure there is security inside so ask there” Suggests Penny

Suddenly she hears a noise as she moves further into the casino it is a man with security uniform telling everyone to get out quickly.

“You have to go outside miss” He told Jemima

“Hi I’m a secret agent, Jemima, Jemima Bond?” she says putting her tongue to her cheek

“Err, do you have ID?”

“Look hear” She shows him her ID of when she had her hair in a bun, and has to double take herself. She did look so much like her mother that often she would pray to look like her dad, who looked like Jim Royale from the Royal Family.

“Right, where about is he on the top floor?”

“Upstairs near where the money is stashed, he threatening and got the casino manager by a headlock, plus he is smuggling a package of some sort”

“Jesus, right don’t tell me he’s from World Wrestling Federation, only joking, sorry right lets sort this lunatic out”

Jemima starts looking for her gun “Shit, bollocks” where is it, she pats her pockets and lifts up her red jacket and black dress “Phew” it was in her stocking, she sneaks upstairs points her gun around and sees someone which looks like…..NO NO NO!

It’s only an ex boyfriend.

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