Name: Jemima Bond

Occupation: Triple 0 7 Secret Agent

Age: 41

Relationship status: Single   

Lives: Number 11 Downsend Street, Westminster, London

Born: Hammersmith London,

Hair: Shoulder length, Brown

Eyes: Brown

Subtitle: Casino London


Jemima decided she was fed up of people taking the piss out of her and wanted to serve her country.

So no one knew what she really did for a living apart from her friend, her confident Tracey whom she’s known for 13 years and met at a rock concert. Not even her parents knew what she did and so she made out she worked as a PA for someone up in London. Her parents would always turned up unexpectedly and always happened when she was on a case.

Her mum called her once whilst she was spying on a famous Spanish mafia to ask if she was coming for dinner on Sunday, at which she forgot to turn off her phone or at least put it on silent and nearly got her killed.

When it wouldn’t stop ringing she had to answer it “Sorry mum but kinda busy” she whispered, into the mouthpiece “I am kind of tied up right now” and that wasn’t a lie.

She was dangling upside down to start off with, as it was the only way she could get into the mansion the guy owned, without being seen via the roof, which wasn’t easy by any means.

Mother Shilling kept on at her “stop giving your mum your work mobile number” she couldn’t help it, her mum wondered why she had “Two mobiles young lady, I should have both numbers” Her mum demanded “I’m your mother. I didn’t waste ten hours labour” Her mum always reminded her “For nothing”.

The emotional blackmail, she could do without but that was her mother and as much as she would irritate Jemima she still loved her all the same.

She was having a hot bubble bath with some dark handsome stranger and now she was being disturbed “Bloody phones, when things were getting pretty interesting in my imagination”

Her work phone vibrates as it is on silent and she looks at her caller ID.


Name: Mother Shilling

Occupation: Manager of Mi6

“Hello, sorry just having bath” she answered casually.

“What have I told you about telling people where you are, you’re supposed to be a bloody secret agent young lady” she answered agitated

“Yes but I am not spying on you am I”

“It doesn’t matter you don’t trust anyone or tell anyone” she said scornfully as if anything anyone said was so ridiculous. Only Mother Shilling had to be always right.

She was about to pull a face, but she forgot that these days it was face time and “it wasn’t much appreciated” As Mother Shilling would say in her stuck up posh tone.

“You are to report to me immediately so get out of the bath I need you here”

Problem with being a Secret Agent you can’t even have shit without being disturbed.

“Okay, I’ll be on my way” she replied and jumped out of the bath only she ends up twisting her ankle…

“OUCH” She yelped “That bloody hurt” as if to ask for sympathy; the only one there being was her dog, Waffles, but he looked up puzzled only to lie back down again, once he realized it was only his owner being clumsy.

“Thank you Waffy I could really need your support right now and you just lay there” at which Waffles groaned and turns away.

“Waffles you are supposed to be on guard not sleeping, all you do is sleep” nevertheless he wasn’t bothered at all and she quickly put her clothes on, which were black dress, knee high boots and red jacket,

“Off we go” At which her phone buzzed again “Time for some action”. It was Penny and Jemima answered “I’m on my way don’t worry”

“GET A BLOODY MOVE ON THEN” she hears Mother Shilling shouting from a distance through the phone obviously in a car too with Penny not saying a word,

Gosh, she thought, no rest for the wicked and got ready to go, deciding to do her makeup in the car.


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