Big McQueen

Chapter 2

She looks away “How is she going to deal with this?” she didn’t tell Mother Shilling because well, it’s her son in law.

“Oooops ackward” Jemima says out loud

she goes over in her mind, “Ok gain some composure I need to somehow get that detonator out of his hand and that package she could see, which looked like talcum powder and graffiti paint?…hay?” What is going on? She asks in her mind

He looks up and sees Jemima with astonishment and panics and drops the manager, who is wearing black tie and trousers with black shoes, on the floor when he sees her

“Jemima?” He says looking astonished at her “What the heck are you doing here?”

“I’m a secret agent” She announces standing up straight proudly “what are you doing?”

“Look it’s not what it looks like honest”

“Oh, so you just thought you’d pop by with a detonator and put this poor bastard, no offence” She says to the casino manager “in a headlock with what I can only describe” and she says looking to what she notices as Johnsons baby “talcum powder and graffiti paint?”

“Err no you see I’ve been forced”

“By who?”

“You mean whom”

“Okay look I know you said you were an English teacher but I think we both can see that, that the story you told me was in fact a lie, wasn’t it?”

“You can talk” Says sarcastically to Jemima who is not impressed

“Look” She continues “Does your mother in law know?”

“No, please, please don’t tell her and let me get away”

“Not so bloody likely, you have a choice you tell me everything or I’ll shoot”

“Jemima look you and I were amazing and I couldn’t tell you because if I tell you he will kill us both” he pleads

“Who is going to kill us? I want to know now why you are here and I am not going to budge until you tell me” she grabs him by the scruff of the neck and sits him down in a chair by a desk which has the Grim reaper pictures on it “Strange” thinks Jemima, “Obviously someone likes comedy”

“Okay I’ve got a detonator”

Jemima thinks…”Yes and I’ve got this” She pulls out what looks like a pen but in fact if you click it, it explodes.

“That’s just a pen” He smirks “What is that gonna do?” 

“Blow your flipping head off with one click, yes it may look like a pen but in fact is a detonator to, part of what you’d call secret agents secret tool” slides it in his breast pocket of his jacket.

He confesses “Okay okay it’s for a guy name, Big McQueen and he in charge of the McQueen’s Gangsters and I work for them they live in the UK in London, I didn’t want to get involved but I met Barry McQueen when out drinking in this casino, I wanted to get one over this guy name Ray McArthur and he owns this casino, because he scammed me out of 5,000 pounds”

“Where would I find this Big McQueen, and why is he big”

“Well he is a massive fella and not shy in the showers if you know what I mean”

“Boy oh boy, so we have a huge one, doesn’t matter we will get him”

“Right this what I am gonna do?” just then she heard a noise and grabbed her ex, Antony and hid behind a desk, and just as she hears footsteps coming up the stairs she hears what can only be described as a big loud FART.

She knew then in that instant that, that was Big McQueen.

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