Get away

Chapter 3

Name: Big McQueen

Occupation: Head Gangster of the Big Mac (Billy McQueen)

Description: Dark hair, beard and moustache

Height: 6ft large built and has pecks

Jemima struggled to understand Big McQueen’s accent it was so thick but understood that they wanted to take the casinos money, and take Antony with them.

“Antony” called another guy who was also tall but slimmer built,

“That’s Barry” Whispered Antony to Jemima

They hid for seemed like an eternity and then once the footsteps disappeared she grabbed Antony into another office she forgot about the detonator, and that he still had the pen in his pocket.

She tried to take it from him “Oh know you don’t” He grabs her arm “We’re in here” He calls, and pulls out what he thought was her gun but in fact was a packet of chewing gum, but when he took one it was fake and it caught his finger.

“That’ll teach you” said Jemima

So she pulls him by the collar and says “You try that again I am gonna kick your arse and do what big bullocks did but instead I’ll fart in your face”.

Then lucky there are further footsteps and a familiar voice calling “Jemima are you there” it’s Penny, in her grey dress and suit jacket, and black court shoes, with her hands-free ear piece she always wore, and she is now helping Jemima hold Antony down and cover his mouth. “We have to get out of here they have the detonator in their hands” so they make a dash for it seeing McQueen and his gang coming after them and they run downstairs.

As they run out of the building and to the car they see it getting towed away.

“Bloody marvellous” Shouts Jemima

“Why park it on a double yellow?”

“SHUT UP” Both Jemima and Penny shout

“We have to hurry they are coming, and we have to move fast” Said Penny “My car”

As they drive away they hear a loud bang, thankfully not the detonator but the car back fire, and they were off.

Once back at Mi6 they questioned Antony who decided to give the silent treatment, and Jemima and Penny knew that she would have to go back to face Big McQueen and his crew.

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