Back at Mi6

Chapter 5

Jemima is back at Mi6 questioning Antony some more and who decides to give the silent treatment and the phone pings and forgot that this one’s not on silence and realises it’s the tune I wanna sex you up, during a question, at which Antony “Not changed that yet, no?”.

I bet it is my bloody mother but it isn’t it’s my heart is pounding it’s that tall dark haired stranger.

Antony recognizes the excitement, “So who’s that a new man?”

“Excuse me but I’m here to question you” at which she goes over to him and says quite frankly “SHUT UP” flirtatiously, it’s those blue eyes of his.

“Right Mrs keep it pro” she says to herself and goes out of the room to compose herself, and she decides to text her confident Tracey, her best friend.


5 seconds later phone rings its Tracey “Hey so are you, you know gonna pursue or what Mrs Mi6 knickers”

“Well yes we will be pursuing as soon as, but here’s the thing got Antony ex in the bloody building, it’s a bit tricky”

“Tell me all later over a drink oh and I got a bottle of the finest wine from France itself”

“We will take action later and talk, oh and I do think a bag of chips with Gravy which I will make to go for yours truly to be a must. Mi6 knickers is on pursuit”

“We shall get pissed I will do fake phone calls again”

Jemima goes back in the room.

“So what happens now?” says Antony getting agitated “Can I go”

“Urmm…NO…We are going to talk” Demanded Jemima, and which after questioning for about 3 hours with a toilet break in between, got to know who these gangsters really were and realises it is about Big McQueen getting one over on Ray McArthur.

Mother Shilling congratulates Jemima “Well done Bond, one down and two to go we have to get this Big McQueen and Barry, what do we know?”

Jemima tells Mother Shilling all what Antony confesses to “It was all over 5,000 pounds and by the way it’s your son in law”

“What?” shouts Mother Shilling and looks and rushes in for further questioning.

She then speaks to her daughter Lucy!

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