Sister T you can’t beat sisterhood

Here I am working in the Big Mac towers under cover as a secretary and I have a wig on that looks like, A typical Blonde Secretary with very long legs and I eat leaves all day, and I am finding out what kind of man he is.

According to Sister T, she is watching from the Mi6 officers as she is the one that hooks me up with a secret camera and talks in my ear aswell as Brother V, who often will work with me under cover.

I was gonna make him work in the Post room but being gay, I knew he’d like a full on office role so he is secretary in the Kleenex Department and people ringing in about not having enough due to COVID, as Big Mac uses toilet paper whilst we are as staff all given pocket tissues, and he is the PA to the Kleenex Manager.

He opened up these office for a quick buck as everyone needs a call centre and being a dentistry and working in medical he wanted to open up a call centre which helled all pharmacy campaigns.

Sister T as seen that Big Mac never tells staff when he is in, and turns up looking for another member to sack if they don’t make him coffee and not how he likes. That is the kind of man we are dealing with.

He has been giving free dentistry to staff and all of them have veneers and could have been an extra in Baywatch, if your young enough to remember that series where gorgeous men and women would be a red swimming costumes and red swimming trunks. They don’t have a hair out of the place and decided to be the young looking student office junior and i feel kind of intelligent which for me working intelligience makes me feel kinda good.

I see a form I’m given to fill in to say I’d like free dentistry treatment and feel it in, even thought being secret agent I automatically get this anyway, and me and sister T got our teeth straight since we were kids. Your gotta look good being a Mi6 agent.

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