Big Cars and super gadgets

Who could have a car with an attitude and a chip on its shoulder? Me! I love the cars I get given by the Queue and his team. The Satnav bird gets an earful from my car who can speak for it self and it is a Aston Martin and the car knows it.

Aston Martin DB5 Orange by Jamie Lee (2020) : Painting Acrylic on Canvas -  Singulart

If you lean on it, it tells you off and if you spill a coffee like I just did it gives me a lecture more than Mother M and my biological mother that I end up being thrown out literally.

I love a big car and a fast car yet you would never catch me on Top Gear as it has more to say than I do and would piss off Jeremy Clarkson. No car wants a owner who can punch someone over sandwich as the knowing this car it would nick it and drive off leaving Jeremy stranded and go after other fast cars.

I do have other gadgets like the mouse trap condom which can paralyse a man if he puts one on and a pen that explodes in peoples pocket. That’s why you should never leave things in pockets cause like my brother discovered it can blow someones head off when their teeth have been pulled out by Big Mac and innocently use it thinking he has nicked that persons pen putting it back and now Big Mac asalum has been killed because he borrowed James Bond pen that explodes and now has no leg to stand on.

To be continued….


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