Being a Real Secret Agent/Give back those teeth

So Big Mack is still on the loose and removing peoples teeth, yet I need to go to dentist as i have a toothache from eating a Tooty Fruity sweet and feel I may need dentistry yet they aren’t fully trained.

Am I too old to receive money from the Dinner lady Sorry Tooth Fairy or does she only look after kids teeth and not a secret agents? I book in with my well known dentist in Cavendish Street in London and if Big mac turns up I am going to call my friend who was the original person to play Ronald McDonald for a well known fast food restaurant.

They stopped having Ronald McDonald as they had to add to his wages making the wellknown fast food chain lose money and he was stealing it. Trust me to make friends with a theif but you don’t always findout until last minute.

When I think about the Dentist I think about the Jaws tune and swear once my dentist accidentally bought ina screwdriver and yes in shot glass, as alcohol was recommended by the dentists as a kid. I never thought I’d get pissed in one yet there it was.

Am I scared of Big Mac no, as he could have been a burger the size of him you’ll never see him eating spinage or seeweed he is a definite meat eater and steals then too.

So If you know of Big Mac let me know and advise if you see him keep mouth closed and then he can’t get in.

Girl At Dentist Royalty Free Vector Clip Art Illustration - Medical And Dental  Clipart Transparent PNG - 480x475 - Free Download on NicePNG

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