All Jobs are Smelly Working in Mi6

So after working undercover for BIG MAC’s dentistry I begin to have nightmares over him trying to give his TV away as in his Dentist they have a 75 inch TV and that he keeps wanting to buy my teeth.

Thank God it was just to go undercover, but yeah pretty creepy, and paranoid about my teeth now as I keep dreaming also that he wants to buy my teeth.

He, has created an allibi of where he was, which doesn’t match up with the CCTV camera, and he is now saying he has a twin. As I say these words to Mother M, I can’t help think God why have two in this world, who is he John Mac Chicken, “honestly Mam I don’t believe it and honestly his breath stinks”

“All jobs are smelly Bond, when it comes to likes of that man, he only eats burgers cause of his name sake, yet someone says they saw him in Inslington ordering a Kebab the day after”.

“Oh great that’s what the stench was, bloody onions, gosh did my eyes water, honestly and Garlic Mayo too, and apparently for lunch he has a egg mayo club sandwiches with guacamole, yet his teeths could be used for flood lights being so white. It just doesn’t add up”.

So it is back to what we will do. I think it comes to getting Squirrel involved, the man who eats only nuts and seeds.

So hang on, we may be on his trial.

Female Dentist Cartoon Stock Illustrations – 3,371 Female Dentist Cartoon  Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

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