Gang of Oysters

I get into Big Macs home with a warrant, but surprisingly and conveniently, he is not there. Yet I find his desk and open the draws seeing that he has a load of Oysters and not a seafood fan see that they are cards for for London Transport and searching his van can see he has been using the Public Transport and see if I can get some chips.

He is a big fella and would like packet of walkers or McDonald Fries, but I am talking ones you can track and wonder why he had would have a draw full of Oysters, thinking of seafood and wonder if he gives the Oyster cards free or charges his patience in his dentist.

Well least his patience won’t get food poisoning, but yet he doesn’t as suspected have just one van as discovered and he drives, it appears and doesn’t lie escalators apparently according to my crew, Sister and Brother M and Mother Penny.

“I’ll take a few for surrendicks” I text them, “Sorry typo forensic, sorry Mother M, spelling never bring my strong point, yet feel some what heroric in going through Big Macs belongings. He is an interesting person, and has a picture of Jokers card on his Office wall.

Does he like Batman, or playing cards in his office. I wonder this and see he also got a picture of Ronald McDonald holding a toothbrush and paste.

Getting back to the Oysters, and thinking they were seafood as was given a heads up by my team, how I was gonna take them back to London Aquarium, yet how would I have known would they have been stamped, and have markings? or from the Chinese restaurant down the road called Chinese Kingdom.

Well I take a few more just in case I get told to ride public transport to investingate and wonder could he be at the Transport Museum and so head to Covent Garden to find out.

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