Should I Be Cooking Being A Secret Agent

You would not beileve it, Big Mac has been spotted in Nandos, along the South Bank London, and threatened a waiter apparently with needing new teeth if he was charged and being a loyal customer, should have his meal without paying for it.

That man doesn’t like to pay for anything, excuse me Mac, I imagine me actually speaking to him, I tried myself and was asked to do the washing up and if would like to cook my own.

“Sorry” I say showing him my badge, but being a secret agent the only badge I had was a grenade and almost forgot, so look like I will be cooking. I love the gadgets I am giving, but mind, not so good. I must remember that most of my belongings are explosives should I be facing Big Mac, especially if shows up with a fake set of teeth, that could explode.

If you can’t trust a Dentist who else would be able to pull them out with a set of pliars and some mouth wash? Looks like my dentistry needs to be better, as first day undercover, I am bought a chicken sandwich and then given a tooth pick, and I asked is for me or the patient? and the answer was, keep mouth shut and just do your job.

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