Catching Teeth Gang is hard to do

“Hi, I’m Jessica could you tell me if you have seen this guy he calls himself Big Mac and has pearly white teeth” I am in a pub near to where he has been apparently and yet has scarpered like he does and gone into hiding again.

They nod and said “He seemed charming when chatting to him and asked to do my dental for nothing and so I got appointment for tomorrow at his dentist”

“Oh god, don’t do it, it is ploy” I say being really Jemima and undercover and said that is where I have been working but the lady says “Not a chance I would love my vaneers done”

“Yes but you’ll end up having your teeth pulled out and possibly killed I witnessed it and it is awful” and show her pictures and I see the shock on her face and I say “Save your teeth and I know of a good place in London you can get your vaneers done” and tell her the name and show her where it is and she thanks and wanted to say but glad I didn’t “Aren’t you a bit old for vaneers” as she pushes her shopping trolley out of the pub and I go with her and jumps on the bus.

I then ask the bus driver and nodded to and shows us his teeth, they are all metal and said “This is a result of what he is done” and so I ask “What do you use Colgate to brush you metal teeth”

He says “No I use glass cleaner instead” and tutts being sarcastic

“Okay only asked and why are they all metal?”

“He told me I had to otherwise I would lose my head if I didn’t”

“Right and was that this man?” and he nods to reply

“Okay” I show him that I am a secret agent and ask if I can take photos but he says no and if I don’t get off the bus he’ll call the police”

I assure him I am from Mi6 and looks at me, “Okay you can have a photo but I am modelling tomorrow so make sure you get my good side” and I nod, and feels like I have found another piece of puzzle to get Big Mac sentenced and stop his dentistry.

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