Belly Dancing with Big Mac

I have all the evidence to get Big Mac now and learned in my time with the big man, on how to belly dance, do the Salsa and the jive. I not sure what impression I left, but seeing my reflection, I looked like a drunken Starfish and realised that I could belly flop too. He got lucking as I almost cracked my tooth, but got a round of applause and so happy with my performance, yet if Craig Revel Horwood saw me he most probably have given me a 2 if I am lucky.

The things you do as a Mi6 Agent, and glad that when Thriller came on I was taken out of the Micheal Jackson competition, which was “Who could do the best moon walk”, as I was wearing hug boots, so not really ideal, but danced to to the Can Can, to see who could do the highest kick and accidentally kicked one of his bouncers in the face, who joined too. Oh sorry not a bouncer he was being a blues brother, and wondered why he was dressed in blue. Not my worse kicks I have ever done, but would have gotten sent off for it, or won a gold medal in Thai chi.

So now I am home and guess who is hanging in my house as I walk in my dear brother James, “You can’t be hanging from the ceiling all of the time James, I know you are practicing your stunts, but honestly use your own home”

“Sorry” He replies “But my ceiling is not as strong as yours”,

I huff, “Do you want some breakfast whilst your here?”,

“Please, oh and your mother rang and said she was waiting for you outside the dentist”

“WHHHAAAT. Oh honestly, I am going to be found out” so I forget breakfast and as I get to my car, my brother, yes James Bond, is laughing his head off and says “Only joking, and it was Mother Penny, she was waiting and wanted to know that your evidence was good as now he will be arrested, good work sis”,

Well it isn’t going to be easy and was under cover I imagine and feel good receiving such praise. It has made stop binging on Haribo and boy looking into peoples mouth on a daily basis not my ideal job for me as I did get freaked by some, and so I am glad that I don’t have to put up with band breath anymore. I the time was worthwhile and now going to catch on up breakfast and some quality TV.

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