Big Mac and the Prime Minister

I am in a interview with the English Prime Minister who I meet as Big Mac is his dentist and knows Big Mac really well and tells me all about when he met Big Mac and I am undercover as a Journalist, and he looks like he may resign soon when the press finds out who is dentist is, but talks highly about Big Mac and loves his Veneers he has put into his mouth and I feel like they may ting at any moment being so white.

He then shows some t-shirts he has had designed for the next election and I ask if I can have one, but only if I vote for them and wear one their reefs. I am not sure if I am allowed but I say okay, but then when they find out who I am, will this have implications being a secret agent? I suppose I can wear it as a bed shirt and say that it shrunk if I am to meet with him again, which could be soon when I he finds out who it really is.

It was Big Mac who told me and saw a poster of him on Big Mac’s mansion wall.

He wouldn’t put it up in number 10, he is not that much of a wally, well I don’t know actually only one can imagine what goes on there.

He at the moment is in a hotel where we have the interview and suddenly I am bursting for the toilet and start to doing the wriggle dance to stop myself from peeing my knickers but ask, “Sorry Prime Minster would I be bad if I could use the toilet and then continue the interview?”,

“Of course he says, go ahead and I have a biscuit tin here would you like one?”

Bloody hell he is a organized having biscuits and so this helps me with the next question, and that is “What is his favourite biscuit?” and he says “Custard Creams, because I like to lick the inside and my wife gets pleasure from it also”,

Bloody hell I thought that’s a bit personal, and now wonder “Should I have asked that question?”, too late already did but at least I didn’t wet myself.

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