McArthur’s Wife and Big Mac’s brother

I am head hunted by Big Mac, but I need to get him put away as I just found out, that he has drilled a hole in someones mouth, and witnessing it, not pretty. I didn’t want to return but I have, and feel that my work will be honoured, yet Mother Shilling is on my case and wants me back at Mi6 and feel my work is being waste.

I put up a fight, but now have angered her and so there is no return. So I ask if I can head back home as forgotten to feed my dog, which I now realise is true, and it is ok.

I let Mother Shilling know that I do have to feed my dog and take him for a walk. “You get here right away even if you have to feed your dog on the go, I want you here now, Bond”,

“Okay, as you wish, bloody hell don’t I do enough?”,

“No Bond, and lesser the tone Bond, otherwise I will be feeding you dog food”.

Yes, she is one charming woman is Mother Shilling, and on my way back smell Kebab, and see that is it Big Mac’s brother and now intrigued as why would you have a kebab at 10am, and I bet he didn’t pay. I text Mother Shilling, who text’s backs, “Ok Bond stay there and follow okay we want them investigated and fill me on what happened with the man who has now no mouth”,

“I am on it” I text back.

So I do and I am walking and wait for him to walk and follow, but as I walk across the road I nearly get run over by a Deliveroo motorbike, but it isn’t. It’s Brother Penny. “Good thinking, Mother Shilling” and use my phone to take a picture of the number plate, and of the road at which he turned so I can get my car.

I am in my car and drive back to the road he turned and we both are following Big Mac’s brother, but then he goes down a alleyway, and see he is meeting a woman, it is McArthur’s wife. Oh boy I wonder if McArthur knows. He owns the Casino, that he won on a bet apparently with Big Mac, and there is fear he wants to blow it up and take ownership.

So looks like Big Mac’s brother is seeing McArthur’s wife. That is not gonna go well.

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