Life of a secret agent/Getting away from Big Mac

I am sitting by the pool with Big Mac’s lady and enjoying the sun shine. I have found out that he is wanting to run the Casino in London, which McArthur owns at the moment he is talking who need their teeth fixing for leaking of rumors of him coming for his life long enemy and going to do what it takes to win it again. He wants to give McArthur another game of cards and get him to use his deck to do so.

“McArthur won’t give in boss and doesn’t want to take the gamble and so going to be a loss”,

“Sorry are you refusing to help?” I hear Big Mack conversation as I am bugged and had to try and bug his dental practice and his home where he lives and is in a secret location. He has more than one.

I then say “Would Mr Mac” how he wants me to address him being my pretend boss, but doesn’t know it, “Mind if I take some leave as my parents wants to see me and need to go back home to go and see my dog. My brother is looking after him at the moment but feel I need to see my four legged friend”,

“That would be fine” She says “And I will tell him and so go and perhaps I should go with you, and love to see your dog and get away from here, as long as it is too long”,

Ahh, now what to do I do? “Okay well I was wanting to have two or three days”,

“Right, yeah he doesn’t like giving leave and you haven’t been working in the dentist long, but I will ask”,

Now I am biting my nails and then Big Mac comes out. “Do I hear you want leave?”

“Yes Mr Mack, to spend time with my dog and my parents”,

“Right how long for?” He asks

“Two to three days” I reply

“Okay I will give you a day and then come back I have got some tasks I want yo to do and work with us full time and that means doing some outdoor errands with my brother. He is got some feelings for you”,

“Oh right…well thanks can I go now and then be back late tomorrow”,

“No you will go and be back in the morning and bring your dog too then you won’t have to worry. Once you work for me there is no way of going back, and I like you”,

“Right okay thanks”, and I get up take some bits with me I may need and then hear a noise and is his girlfriend, and smell it, boy and she wants to come with me, what if she follows through. I will report back and then leave.


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