Big Mac and his mummy

I am finally away from Big Mac and now working undercover at McArthur’s Casino and hosting on one of the tables. Big Mac was sad that I had to leave, but learning that he wants to takeover all the Casinos in London, I wanted to see how McArthur worked and chatted to him about it and he was happy for me to investigate.

My brother James, would never have done this and tells me to be careful, and wants to help me in getting Big Mac. He after all Big Mac next person he wants to operate on and pull out a tooth. I had to seal my lips when Big Mac began slagging him off.

So here I hosting the Polka table, and see that Brother Penny was also undercover and had back, so it should easy to see if Big Mac will pay a visit. He has not been there so much spending time with him, but it looks like McArthur Casino in London in Kensington is open for business still. It is all hush hush and not sure legal but I decided to turn a blind eye and only allowed members only.

Of course that doesn’t stop Big Mac, and see if he attempts to pay a visit.

After being there from 9am this morning there’s only been a few there in terms of guests but it still early so it may get busier. I see a young lad Tommy slip some money into his pocket, and looking he gives me wink, and I smile that he wasn’t stealing but mouthed Counterfeit and is now on radio, and the lady in question, is gotten hold of and taken away by the bouncers, and I see her, it’s Big Mac’s mother.

How wonderful looks like he will be put away soon and spending time with Mr Big shoes he was repulsive and met his mum and is still feeds him a bottle and cries to her bosom when nothing goes his way and didn’t wonder who I was at all. Phew was a little nervous. I do still get nerves working for the Mi6 but should never doubt myself I have Mother Penny who does that, so why should I?

Oh Big Mac your so going to jail.


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