Big Mac on Holiday

I can’t believe that I am in Spain and sitting near the beach and so decided to follow and now working in disguise again as a waitress and this undercover is tricky when I have my mother and father calling every second to making sure I am okay.

Then a see a familiar person, my brother. Yes one and only, James Bond and is dressed in a swim suit and flippers, “What are doing here?”, I hiss,

“I am protecting my sister and I know as people talk, he is a keen scuba diver”,

That is my mum and dad, and fear “Do they know I am a secret agent?”,

“Who?” He asks

“Mum and dad?” I hiss, “And keep your voice down”,

“Sorry no they still think your on holiday and I knew that because you never get a holiday knew that you are going undercover and thought I’d help, as I too want to put Big Mac away”.

This still frustrates me, “So was it Mother Penny?”,

“No Jemima, I wanted to see if you were really on holiday and thought I’d find out and can help you”.

“Okay, well he is going to the Casino on the beach tonight and he has withdrawn a lot of cash, and I believe MacArthur Uncle owns it and he is out here too”,

“Yes I know I going to pay a visit”,

“No you will not, this is my mission, just keep out of the way”,

“Okay well don’t say I didn’t try”

“I never have and go back to land and let me deal with him, I am so close now I don’t want anything to mess it up”,

“Okay don’t say I didn’t help”,

“Bugger off and leave to me”.

Then Big Mac who is sitting on the sunbed clicks his fingers, signalling he want attention, so I oblige.


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