Will Big Mac Take McArthur down

My brother James Bond has gone undercover at the Casino aswell as me and now checking in McArthurs Casino, agreed by him and because he knows what Big Mac plans to do, and we are there to see if Big Mac turns up and now wants a new Casino to be built and shut McArthurs one down, on the other side of the road.

Big Mac can’t get over the fact that McArthur won his casino over a poker game even when he tried to cheat and will not give it to Big Mac to have what he wants, so wants one to be built across the road in Kensington, and wants to make it like a mini las Vegas, with a fountain outside, flamingos and take over the road and street.

I worry in case he recognises me should he turn up, however the fact I have different wig on and different colours specks my disguise should work. There are cameras in place and I have a chip on me along with my brother.

My Brother Penny is outside pretending to be security. He is not exactly butch but he will do and Sister Penny is going to come in soon as a guest and see if she can chat with Big Mac as there is a rumours of Big Mac wanting to steal McArthur’s staff and blow the place down.

Big Mac knows a lot of people but so does McArthur and is going to see if Big Mac would like to play poker again and then he will takeover the road to and wants to make into a car park for his staff and punters.

It is 9am and already guests are coming in and spending their hard earned cash as if it like water and socialising. It feels calm and quiet, which is a surprise going on how it was lastnight, it could be because many people have been gambling all day and had a few too many by then.

Then who walks in Big Mac. Who knows whats going to happen.


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