Back at Mi6

Chapter 5 Jemima is back at Mi6 questioning Antony some more and who decides to give the silent treatment and the phone pings and forgot that this one’s not on silence and realises it’s the tune I wanna sex you up, during a question, at which Antony “Not changed that yet, no?”. I bet itContinue reading “Back at Mi6”


Name: Jemima Bond Occupation: Triple 0 7 Secret Agent Age: 41 Relationship status: Single    Lives: Number 11 Downsend Street, Westminster, London Born: Hammersmith London, Hair: Shoulder length, Brown Eyes: Brown Subtitle: Casino London Prologue Jemima decided she was fed up of people taking the piss out of her and wanted to serve her country.Continue reading “JEMIMA BOND TRIPLE 07”

At The Casino

Chapter 1 “Finally, how long does it take honestly no one cares about your looks being a Secret Agent” said Mother Shilling, who pulled up beside her in the passenger seat of Penny’s car.   “Cheers and good morning to you” mumbled Jemima “Less of the sarcasm Bond. We need an agent of the topContinue reading “At The Casino”

Big McQueen

Chapter 2 She looks away “How is she going to deal with this?” she didn’t tell Mother Shilling because well, it’s her son in law. “Oooops ackward” Jemima says out loud she goes over in her mind, “Ok gain some composure I need to somehow get that detonator out of his hand and that packageContinue reading “Big McQueen”