Big Macs Big Mouth

I don’t know if he is half deaf because he never talks but shouts a lot. You here him before you see him, and he keeps getting away.

I need to get this man as he has targetted another of McArthur casinos covering up with dental floss this time aswell aswell as colgate tooth paste. Doesn’t this guy know being a dentist that he should have bright white classes, but they are clean but been whitened too much, that they actually apparently can glow in the dark.

All you need is a criminal that is just a set of teeth, but I bet he still puts them in a jar.

Where will he strike next, and their is hand prints so he has an assistant called “Little socks” as he is a very tall man, with little feet, and we pull up his profile but he is always in disguise and it appears may have with Big Mac’s girlfriend been pretending to be hosts again.

We just need a description, but that can only come from Big Mac. He has stopped deteething people, and put a warning say “This is my Casino give it to me, you haven’t won” Yet is was somewhat miss spelt. Saw no its in Text talk which as a secret agent I don’t do, is predictive text got the better of me, and nearly sent a text to an ex-boyfriend thinking that I was gonna blow his house up, it was meant for a Spanish Mafia.

So where is he? It looks like he has a crew and I want to know who they are. The working on the inside and we need to keep checking who it could be, and McArthur tries to help too, and has started going into the Casino early, and spoke to them.

We’ll he ever be caught. Find out in the next blog.

Secret agent clip-art stock vector. Illustration of international - 94471979

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