Big mac and the tooth fairy

So can I find Big Mack he is the gangster apparently of dentistry world and more people have had their teeth missing due to his bad practice at it. I suppose I can be a dentisty and use the internet to do print of a certificate myself and call myself a frog of the Mi6 world, but am I? so is he really a dentist? Would he be safe in a white coat or dentist uniform? Do I have teeth missing being a secret agent.

Yet he is now in hiding after planting a stink bomb in one of the top casinos in London, so he can’t of disappeared too far, and obviously that big of a person, as he would be hiding.

He it seemed is making a point, in that Archy the nickname of the manager of (McArthur) many casinos that Big Mac will be moving in and Archy to be moving out. Yet Archy has better connections and have top secretary, with security who will get hold of Big Mac and stop using toothpaste to mark his walls. It looks as Colgate has decorated the entire room.

Wheres Listerine when you need him? as Big Mac it seems won’t allow his victims to wash their mouths our after he has removed them. Archy really needs a set of teeth on his desk like who’s gonna be the tooth fairy?

The last thing he needs is Big Mac’s mum turning up, as apparently she is the one who keeps them and collects up. What happened to collecting stamps or badges?

So will I ever get to arrest Big Mac ? To be continued

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